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Restore your skin

Our Oxygen-Infused Body Oil is an all-over-the-body skin conditioner.

Maximum dental health

OraJuvenate™ is our powerful, cleansing dental cream for maximum oral/dental health.

Oxy-Vital Facial Cream

Repair and regenerate skin vitality.

  • Made only with organic Jojoba, purified water and ozone
  • Each product has a different saturation of ozone as appropriate for its intended use
  • Absolutely no synthetic chemicals, fragrances, preservatives parabens or other chemicals of any kind
  • Completely safe to use on skin and gums
  • Does not go rancid; Jojoba is a natural ester, not an oil - super long shelf life
  • Researched and officially endorsed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
  • Exclusively offered by Natural News, activists for healthy living and chemical-free products